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Publications by Dennis J. Callahan

Government Contracts

Sidestepping the Escobar Two-Step: United States ex rel. Rose v. Stephens Institute Rejects Two-Pronged Test (PDF) Bloomberg BNA, Federal Contracts Report, Oct. 18, 2016 (co-authored)

Litigating Bid Protests Before the New York Office of State Comptroller (PDF) The Procurement Lawyer, June 2015

State False Claims Acts: A Practitioner’s Guide to the False Claims Acts of the Various States (ABA Webstore) ABA Publishing, 2014, by Aaron P. Silberman and Dennis J. Callahan, co-authors (The Federal FCA, California, and Nevada chapters)

2013 Government Contract Law Decision of the Federal Circuit (PDF) 63 American University Law Review 1307 (2014) (co-authored)

Hoping for Summary Judgment on California False Claims? Au Contreras (PDF) AGC California Legal Brief, March, 2014 (co-authored)

Government Shutdown Q & A: Navigating in Uncharted Waters (slide show) a CLE webinar for the Public Contracting Institute, October 15, 2013 (co-authored)

If Budget Sequestration Trims Your Contract: What Contractors Need to Know About Partial Terminations and Deductive Changes (PDF) RJO Goverment Contracts Update (co authored)

Contractors Should Watch Out for Big Changes Coming to the California False Claims Act (PDF) California Constructor, by AGC California, September/ October 2012 (co-authored)

Ninth Circuit Holds That False Estimates in Federal Bids Are Actionable Under the False Claims Act (PDF) RJO Update, August 2012 (co-authored)

States Broadening Their False Claims Acts in Response to Federal Incentives (PDF) RJO Update, July 2012 (co-authored)

Neil O'Donnel and Dennis Callahan discussed the Supreme Court's decision to hear an appeal by the contractors in one of the largest and longest running cases in Government contracts history – the challenge to the Navy's 1991 termination for default of the contract for the development and prototype production of the A-12 stealth aircraft. The article examines the potential impact of the case with regards to two issues decided by the Federal Circuit: (1) the standards governing terminations for default, which the Supreme Court refused to consider, and (2) the application of the state secrets privilege in government contracts disputes, which the Supreme Court will review. FEATURE COMMENT: The "A-12 Saga Continues (PDF) The Government Contractor, Vol. 52, No. 45 - December 8, 2010.

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