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Publications and Seminars by Roland Nikles


Construction Defects, ABA Publishing, 2012, co-editor

Integrated Project Delivery and the Cost Curve: Are the Metrics, In? (PDF) California Constructor, May/June 2012

COMMENTARY: Integrated Project Delivery and the Cost Curve (PDF) Construction Advisory Report, Hill Int'l, December 2011

Is It Public, or Is It Not?" What to Watch for When Public and Private Become Entwined, and Why It Matters (PDF) The Clause, Boards of Contract Appeals Bar Association, Vol. No. XXI, Issue No. 3 - June 2011

“New California Mechanic’s Lien Requirement,” News in Brief (2010)

“Lease-Leaseback: A Case Study of Competitive-Bid Statutes in California,” Presentation to the Annual Meeting of the Associated General Contractors of California Legal Advisory Committee, (2009)

“Project Delivery Methods: History and Future,” Seminar 2009

“Integrated Agreements and the Economic Loss Rule,” Seminar, 2009

Integrated Practice in Architecture: Mastering Design-Build, Fast Track, and Building Information Modeling, by George Elvin, PhD, reviewed by Roland Nikles, “The Construction Lawyer” (Summer 2008) 28:3 at 57

“End of an Era? California Court of Appeal Limits Definition of ‘False Claim,’”
The Daily Journal (2008)

“The Abandonment Theory of Liability in Public Contracting: Not Entirely Abandoned,” AGC-CA Legal Briefs (2008)

“Changing Rules for a Glorious Enterprise,” California Constructor (2008)

Book Review: Integrated Practice in Architecture, News in Brief (2008)

“12-Step Program for Successful Claims Resolution,” News in Brief (2007)

“The Challenge of New Project Delivery Systems,” Corporate Counsel Forum,
Washington, D.C. (2007)

“Indemnity Arrangements Best Left to the Marketplace,” The Constructor  and AGC-CA Legal Briefs (2006)

“When is a Construction Manager’s ‘Service’ Contract Subject to Competitive Bidding Rules?” The Constructor (2006)

“Pass-Through Agreements: Making Litigation Less Nasty, Brutish, and Expensive,” Presentation to AGC-CA Legal Advisory Committee, Fall Retreat (2006)

“AB 758 (Indemnity),” White Paper to the Building Division of the AGC-CA (2006)

“Economic Loss Rule: There Must be a Pony in Here Somewhere,” Presentation to AGC-CA Legal Advisory Committee, Fall Retreat (2005)

“The Holy Grail of Troubled Projects: Negotiating Time Extensions Contemporaneously,” News in Brief (2004)

“Construction Lien Law in California,” full-day seminar presentation, Lorman Educational Services (1997–2004)

“Lying About Project Costs, Problem Owners, and What This Implies for Contractors,
News in Brief (2003)

“Dealing with the Problem Owner,” Construction Superconference, San Francisco (2002)

Default Terminations,” News in Brief, (2002)

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