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Jeff Chiow Leads Bid Protest Practicum

March 14, 2018

Jeff Chiow will lead a Bid Protest Practicum at the annual Federal Procurement Institute, March 14, in Annapolis, Maryland. The practicum will explore a mock bid protest from the diverse perspectives of the various in-house, government and firm lawyers who litigate (and judges who decide) bid protests every day.

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5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Optional Practicum: Bid Protest—A 360° Review


This Practicum offers a rare opportunity to observe (and participate in) discussions over the most vexing issues that arise in bid protests today. You will experience a moot bid protest from the varying perspectives of an in-house counsel, private bar protest counsel, agency counsel, a Department of Justice attorney, a GAO Examiner and a Judge on the Court of Federal Claims. Healthy debate is guaranteed as the focus will be on hot topics, e.g. availability of key personnel and challenges to corrective action, with practice tips from those who advocate and those who adjudicate.

MODERATORS: Jeff Chiow, Shareholder, Rogers Joseph O’Donnell, Washington, DC; Frank Windham, Jr., Associate Counsel, United States Department of the Navy, Office of the General Counsel, Arlington, VA

PANELISTS: Honorable Marian Blank Horn, Judge, United States Court of Federal Claims, Washington, DC; Joshua Drewitz, Associate General Counsel, Textron Systems, Hunt Valley, MD; Elizabeth Witwer, Senior Attorney, United States Government Accountability Office, Washington, DC; Corinne A. Niosi, Senior Trial Counsel, Civil Division, United States Department of Justice, Washington, DC; Amy Conant, Associate, K&L Gates LLP, Washington DC

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