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Stephen Bacon Featured in WT 360 Podcast on ‘Rule of Two’ Expansion Memo

by Stephen L. Bacon

RJO shareholder Stephen Bacon sat down with Washington Technology’s Ross Wilkers on WT 360’s recent podcast episode to discuss the White House’s push for agencies to expand their use of the ‘Rule of Two’ in government contracting and what it means for small businesses. 

The ‘Rule of Two’ is considered a ‘Golden Rule’ in government contracting and dictates how agencies conduct procurement with small businesses. On January 31, the White House released a memo about the ‘Rule of Two’ and expanding its use.

In the episode titled, “How GovCon’s ‘Rule of Two’ is poised to grow in scope,” Bacon explains what the memo means for small and large government contractors and what the Office of Federal Procurement Policy wants to accomplish. He also discusses what the memo does and doesn’t do, what comes next for the directive to become final and how small businesses can take advantage of it. 

“It will be interesting to see how rapidly this guidance is adopted by contracting officers throughout the federal government,” Bacon said in the episode. “I think we are looking at at least another year before the actual rules and regulations are changed to codify the policy that the White House wants to implement.”

Listen to the full podcast episode here. 

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