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RJO Obtains Swift Back-to-Back Wins, Preserving Major Government IT Contract


RJO recently scored back-to-back wins for client Primescape Solutions, Inc. RJO first got involved a year ago, when Jeff Chiow and Lucas Hanback successfully protested a Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) award of a 3-year contract to manage the military’s STORES system that controls ordering and receipt of food and other subsistence items. Following that victory, DLA made a new decision to award the STORES contract to RJO’s client in January 2016. RJO helped DLA successfully defend the new award; the decision was made available at GAO’s Website on April 1. The protestor refiled its case at the Court of Federal Claims days later. In that action, RJO successfully defeated motions for a Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction by demonstrating that the protestor was unlikely to succeed on the merits and that RJO’s client would be significantly harmed by the issuance of an injunction. At the conclusion of oral arguments on April 20, the Court denied the protestor’s requests for injunctive relief. Soon thereafter the protestor voluntarily dismissed its Complaint.

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